Wisdom Tooth Removal Price And Cost

A wisdom tooth can be very painful when not removed on time. Many people over the age of 20 years old may have painful wisdom tooth that needs to be removed. However, one concern would be the cost and price of removing wisdom tooth. Usually, these procedures are covered by HMO or health cards but most of the time, the patient needs to pay cash.

How Much Is Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Wisdom tooth removal price and rate depends on the clinic where you are going to. Many dental clinics can perform wisdom tooth removal with ease but the price may range from 500 to 1500. Moreover, there are special procedures that may be required which may include wisdom tooth X ray or wisdom tooth evaluation and medication.

Wisdom Tooth Dental Removal Healing Time

The wisdom tooth may be removed at the same time with almost zero downtime. You simply need to have an x ray first so that the dentist will know how to remove it.

In most cases, the impacted wisdom tooth will require x ray because it would be hard to approximate its location. Still, removing the wisdom tooth cost and price will be the primary concern for many people.

When to Remove Wisdom Tooth?

Removing the wisdom tooth may be necessary once you feel pain in the back of your mouth. This will usually have a tear in the gum where the wisdom tooth is located. Burning and painful wisdom tooth is the primary symptom.

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Covered By Medicard?

You need to ask the HMO provider before you proceed with wisdom tooth extraction so  you will know if you need to shell out money for the procedure.

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