Why Do I Have Red Itchy Eye Corners – Sticky And Swelling Eyes

Do you have those itchy corners in the eyes? You  may have the condition called conjunctivitis or pink eye which should be treated as soon as possible. If you have other symptoms, you should at least find the solution for your eyes to get relief from pain and itching.

What Causes Pink And Itchy Corner Eyes?

One possible cause would be conjunctivitis asthma. This is a sudden itchiness of the eyes especially in the corners of the eyeballs. You may have this when the infection spread within the eye sockets due to foreign materials or bacteria.

A pink eye or red eye indicates that there is an irritation in the eyes. You may have other symptoms including but not limited to:

How To Cure Red and Itchy Corner Eyes?

You need to consult first with your doctor to find an available treatment for your condition. Usually, there is an eye drop or cream that can be applied to conjunctivitis which will releive the pain and kill the bacteria. However, you should ask your doctor for possible side effects

Are There Over The Counter Medicines for Itchy Eye Corners?

You may first get a prescription from your doctor. However, there are some mild irritation in the eyes that can be relieved with cleansing eye drops. Ask your pharmacist about it. For any symptoms the persist, consult your doctor right away.

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