Why Do I Have Locking Finger Joints With Pain

Painful joints in the fingers may be a sign of arthritis. Usually, people will complain of locking joint feeling in the fingers and hands which is accompanied with pain. If you have this condition, it is important to have a treatment option available to you to remove the discomfort.

Symptoms of Locking Finger Joints With Pain

You may feel any of the following symptoms:

Stiff finger joints when holding

Locking finger joints in the hand

Painful joints in the fingers with numbness

Numb hand and finger joints stiffness

Why Do I Have Locking Finger Joints With Pain?

There are only a few reasons why you may have this symptom. The first one would be arthritis. This is usually the case if you have locking joint pain and some swelling in the finger joint.

Another possible condition would be bone injury. This may happen if you recently had an accident that may have compromised the ligaments, tendons and muscles in the finger joint areas.

You may also experience such pain and numbness in the finger joint if you have diabetes or other circulatory system diseases. High uric acid in the blood may lead to swelling in the finger joints.

Doctors for Locking Finger Joint

You may first consult with a general practitioner. This way, you can get some treatment options to relieve the pain of your fingers. If you have identified the real cause of your pain, then you may opt to get a doctor specializing for such condition.

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