What Is The Best Remedy For Upset Stomach

How to cure upset stomach? Apparently, people who experience this condition may need to look for a home remedy for upset stomach. While there are over the counter medicines for upset stomach, it is best to try some remedies at home that are usually easy to do.

What is the best remedy for upset stomach?

Upset stomach happens when you suddenly eat large quantities of foods or that you consumed foods that you cannot easily tolerate.

Indigestion is also a possible cause of upset stomach. If you ate food items that are “tough” or hard to digest, you may feel stomachache as well.

What are the symptoms of Upset Stomach?

Stomach feels cramped

Movements inside the stomach

Feels like bloated and full

Gassy stomach with frequent burping

Stomach feels tough and bloated inside

What Is The Cure For Upset Stomach?

Usually, an upset stomach will be relieved on its own. However, you can take some foods for upset stomach that will help it calm down. Some of the foods that may help are:




Apple Cider Vinegar

What Doctor To See For Upset Stomach?

A GP can help you get relief for upset stomach. However, it is possible to consult with a Gastroenterologist if you have frequent stomachache that does not go away within a few days.

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