What Is Sleep Apnea – Causes, Remedy And Treatments

Do you stop breathing when sleeping? Most probably, you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be a dangerous sleeping disorder that may limit amount of oxygen in the blood. There are various causes of sleep apnea but you can easily find treatment for this sleep condition. Although sleep apnea is usually experienced by males, women with sleep apnea also have the same health risks like heart attack, stroke and other diseases.

Why does my breathing stop during sleep? There are several factors. One of them is obstructed sleep apnea syndrome. It is possible that your tongue actually collapses back to your throat which makes breathing very difficult. It will block the airway and will lead to sudden breathing cessation when sleeping. This is usually accompanied with snoring.

Another possible sleep apnea cause is tonsil infections. It may also be related to sinus infections which in effect makes the airway walls narrower due to inflammation. When there is an irritation in these parts and infections are present, it may be difficult for the person to breathe in air during sleep, thus it will lead to sleep apnea.

What are the symptoms of sleep apnea in adult males and females?

Your bed partner may notice that you suddenly stop breathing when sleeping. After about 5-10 seconds, you will choke and cough during sleep and snoring. This is a classic symptom of sleep apnea. On the other hand, you as the patient may experience feeling tired and sleepy during daytime, fatigue and repeated obstructed breathing.

What are sleep apnea remedy and treatments that are safe and effective? For mild cases, changing the position during sleep may help temporarily. However, lifestyle changes needs to be undertaken like reducing weight and exercising. For severe sleep apnea case, treatment options may involve CPAP machines for sleep apnea, sleep apnea masks that blow air to the patient or minor surgery in the throat if the apnea is caused by collapsing muscle tissues.

Are there any sleep apnea medicines and drugs for treatment? Some muscle relaxant medicines can make the tissues firmer and adjust breathing. However, an exact drug for sleep apnea and snoring may be hard to find. Usually, sleep apnea doctors will recommend treatments for life. It may involve a combination of lifestyle changes and sleep apnea machines and devices.

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