What Disease Causes Skin Numbness – Numbness Of The Skin

Numbness is a sensation that gives you pricking feeling on the skin. There may be times when the symptom is accompanied with other conditions but usually, numbness on the skin goes away on its own. However, if you have numbness of the skin frequently, you need to know the causes or possible disease that makes your skin go numb.

Signs And Symptoms Of Skin Numbness

Skin Numbness Causes

The cause of skin numbness may be identified based on the location of the numbness and the body part involved. Remember that numbness can be a nerve or blood disorder symptom which means you need to locate the exact numb areas of the skin. Here is a list of possible diseases that can cause skin numbness on different body parts:

Skin Numbness On The Face

Skin Numbness On The Lips

Skin Numbness On Thighs And Legs

Skin Numbness On Back

Skin Numbness In The Feet

Skin Numbness In Hands

Skin Numbness In Chest

Remember that just because you experience numbness means that you have any of the diseases mentioned here. It is always best to consult your doctor first for proper diagnosis. If you have other intense symptoms like severe headaches, loss of balance, blurred vision, pain and loss of memory or appetite, rush to the hospital immediately as these symptoms together with numbness could mean severe health conditions.

Skin Numbness And Pain or Itching

It is important that you consult a neuropathy and a neurologist if you have pain that is triggered by numbness. If the pain is sever, you should rush to the emergency room for proper diagnosis.

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