What Causes Snoring In Women – Remedy and Treatment

Snoring usually happens in men because of their lifestyle. However, even women snore at night without even them knowing it. That is why so many women get embarrassed when someone tells them that they have loud snoring when sleeping. The good thing about it is you can easily get treatment for snoring in women. There are a few tips and a few options that you can do.

What Causes Snoring In Women

Women snore because of a few reasons. These causes are the same with men and actually do not have discriminatory factor  based on sex. The following list causes women to snore:

How To Treat Snoring In Women

There are a few options that you can take. First, you need to reposition your body when sleeping. Try lying on your side so your airway is free from throat tissue blocking.

You should avoid drinking alcohol before sleeping. Alcohol tends to loosen muscles which causes them to block the airway.

Check if you have infections in the nostrils or throat. Inflammation in these areas can cause vibrations in the tissues when you inhale.

Medicines for Snoring

There is no exact medicine to cure snoring. However, there are substance treatments that you can use. For example, an anti snoring nasal spray can help in reducing your snore. You can also find oral sprays for snoring which act the same way as those for nostrils.

Oral dental guards can work for heavy snoring. These mouthpiece units enable you to inhale more air during sleep, reducing the possibility of snoring.

CPAP machines for snoring are also available. These devices are good to force air to your throat so you can stop snoring. There are portable versions of CPAP machines so you can use them at home.


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