What Causes Prickly Heat Rashes – Causes And Treatment At Home

Prickly heat rashes affects millions of people around the world. Even adults are vulnerable to this kind of rash usually due to changing weather conditions. In most cases, prickly heat can be treated at home. However, severe rashes that develop for more than a week should be consulted with a doctor.

What Causes Prickly Heat?

Prickly heat is usually caused by the blockage of skin pores. When these pores are blocked by sweat, dirt and other impurities, they become infected thus making you feel uncomfortable. Some of the most common prickly heat causes are:

How To Cure Prickly Heat

You can find a prickly heat remedy at home by using corn starch. There are also corn starch powders available over that counter that you can buy. The starch acts as an absorber of the sweat that your skin produces. This will help you stay away from further prickly heat symptoms, itching and sting effects.

Should I See A Doctor?

If your prickly heat is mild, you can simply take a bath and make yourself comfortable by wearing soft clothes. You can also apply corn starch powder to reduce itching and stinging sensation. However, if the prickly heat bumps worsen or if they make your uncomfortable for several days, you should seek medical assistance.

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