What Causes Pain In The Palm And Wrist

Pain in the wrist and palm usually starts as a tolerable ache. However, as one ignores the pain, it becomes more severe and may even spread to the fingers and the forearm. The good news is you can easily find treatment for such pain when you get proper diagnosis.

What Causes Pain In The Palm And Wrist?

There are only a few related diseases that can cause such pain. The following is a list of known health conditions that may result to pain in the palm:

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  2. Rheumatism
  3. Arthritis

Related Symptoms

Aside from the general pain that you may feel in the palm, there are also some other symptoms that you should be aware of. They could include any of the following conditions:

Treatment For Pain In The Palm

If you have been diagnoses with carpal tunnel syndrome, you may need to take vitamin B complex for nerve regeneration. However, severe conditions may lead to a surgery to correct the position of the ligaments in the wrist that cause nerve compression.

On the other hand, over the counter medicines are widely available for arthritis. There are many drugs that can be used to relieve the pain. If you have severe symptoms, you should consult your doctor right away.

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