What Causes Numbness In The Lips

Numbness usually happen in the extremities like the arms, hands and feet. However, some people also experience numb lips that may interfere with one’s eating habit or even in conversations. Therefore, it is important to know what causes numb lips and find the treatment options available.

What Causes Numb Lips?

Numbness happens when there is an interruption of signals from the brain to the nerves. Most of the time, this sensation include loss of sensation and tingling. But numb lips may have limited causes which should be identified early.

Numb Lips Related Diseases And Health Conditions

Numb Lips Related Symptoms

Other than general numbness, there may be accompanying symptoms to look for. They may or may not include the following:

Home Treatment For Numb Lips

Numbness that are due to nerve damage can be treated at home by taking Vitamin B complex (B1, B6 and B12). However, it is very important that you first consult your doctor to find out what really causes your symptom. If diabetes is the cause, appropriate treatment should be done. On the other hand, nerve diseases should be attended by a physician.

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