What Causes Numbness In The Facial Area

It is quite common to have numbness in the face including the tingling sensation in the nose, cheeks,forehead and lips. Sometimes, the tingling sensation in the face include burning pain which is a symptom of numbness. If you experience this condition, you need to know the cause of numbness in the facial area.

Common Symptoms of Facial Numbing

Numbness in the forehead

Sensation of tingling in the cheeks

Numbness in the upper and lower lip

Burning pain in the mustache area

Forehead warming and pain

Numbness and loss of feeling in the cheeks

What Causes Facial Tingling and Numbness

There are several causes of this symptom and you need to first know what they are. Therefore, you can find the solution to stop numbness in the facial area

What Doctor To See For Facial Numbness

You may inquire first with a general practitioner or family medicine doctor. If you want a specialist in the nerves, a neurologist might be able to help you.

Remedy For Facial Numbing and Tingling

At home, you may first do some gentle massages in the face. You should also rest well and reduce your stress. Avoid foods and drinks with caffeine. Vitamins for numbness like Vitamin B complex will help in nerve healing.


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