What Causes Hungry Feeling After Eating

Hunger is a sensation that we need to take care of by simply eating meals. However, some people may get that feeling hungry sensation even after eating a heavy meal. It may be odd to think about but this condition may be related to the amount of acid in the stomach. Moreover, an upset stomach can simulate the feeling of hunger even when you just had your meal.

What Causes Feeling Hungry Even After Eating?

The following conditions may lead to hunger sensation after a meal:

Related Symptoms Of Always Feeling Hungry

Other than the feeling of hunger, you may also have these symptoms due to any of the mentioned diseases:

Treatment For Hunger Sensation After Eating

The treatment and remedy for this condition depends on the cause. For example, if your symptom is related to hyperacditiy, then over the counter antacids will help you reduce the sensation.

On the other hand, you may also purchase and take over the counter medicines if you suspect indigestion or upset stomach. Ask your pharmacist about these drugs. If you have other severe symptoms or if symptoms persist, consult  your doctor immediately.

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