What Causes Feeling Weak All The Time? Symptoms And Causes

Some people may experience weakness in different health conditions. There are some who feel exhausted after physical work, while others are stressed out due to emotional trauma. However, people who always feel weak all the time may have a different health problem.

What Causes Feeling Weak And Tired?

There are different causes of this symptom. Some of the notable ones are diabetes, stress, depression and anxiety, thyroid problems and even HIV. Take note that just  because you have feeling weak and dizzy symptoms means you already have the mentioned diseases. Do not assume anything until a proper diagnosis is provided to you.

Symptoms Of Feeling Weak All Day

Treatment For Body Weakness

The feeling of body weakness may not be treated unless the source of the symptom is identified. You should first consult a doctor if you have other symptoms like headaches, vomiting, pain in the muscles and other signs of health disorders. However, you can have remedies at home by first adjusting your diet and then doing gentle exercise to kick up your energy once again. If your symptoms persist, you need to consult a doctor.

Foods For Feeling Weak

There are some foods for body weakness that you may try. They include B Vitamins like bananas and other fruits rich with it. You may also take some healthy snacks that stimulate the release of energy.

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