What Causes Facial Neuropathy With Numbness?

A numbness in the facial area may be scary for some people. This may happen suddenly without warning. However, facial neuropathy is just a symptom. One should first identify the cause of the numbness in the face before treatment can be done.

What Causes Facial Neuropathy?

Facial neuropathy may affect various parts of the face. For example, you may experience tingling in the cheeks, pain and numbness in the forehead or numbness of the upper lip.

The best thing to do is to first identify the are where the numbness occurs. Then, you may consult with a doctor and ask for diagnosis on what may have been causing your face numbness to occur.

What Are The Symptoms of Face Neuropathy?

Numbness of the facial area

Tingling sensation in the cheeks

Forehead numbness

Burning pain with numbness of the lips

How To Cure Face Neuropathy?

It would be hard to simply find a remedy for facial numbness and neuropathy. The best thing to do is to first identify the cause. What causes facial neuropathy?

Some of the possible health concerns that may lead to neuropathy of the entire face include:

What Doctor to See for Face Neuropathy?

A family medicine doctor can help you identify the cause of facial neuropathy. However, you may also consult with a neurologist if you experience severe numbness, severe headache and even loss of sensation. For any severe symptoms, rush to the emergency room for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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