What Causes Choking While Sleeping

Have you experienced waking up while sleeping then choking right after? It seems that more and more people are having Sleep Apnea symptoms. Most of the time, people with normal sleeping conditions will not have difficulty breathing. However, those who suffer from sleep apnea may experience sudden choking during sleep.

Health Conditions Related To Choking During Sleep

Sleep apnea is the only possible cause of this symptom. In this condition, the airway is blocked while inhaling air. During sleep, this blockage warns the brain to jolt the person in order to wake up and start the breathing pattern again.

On the other hand, heavy snoring could also be a culprit in sleep apnea. When a person snores, there is a certain form of blockage in the air passage. This will sometimes wake up the person and start choking.

Related Symptoms

Treatment For Choking During Sleep

A suspected sleep apnea requires the help of a sleep doctor. One should realize the benefits of some anti snoring or sleep apnea products. They may include but not limited to mouth guards, oral or nasal sprays or snoring beds and pillows.

Some doctors may recommend the use of anti snoring machines like CPAP which you can buy for your home use. Other than the mentioned treatment, doctors may also recommend some medication to help the muscles in the airway relax.


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