What Cause Lip Bumps – Bumps In The Lip With Clear Fluid Inside

The lips have very thin membranes that may suddenly have bumps. In the case of having transparent bumps in the lips, you may have a condition called a mucocele. However, if you have a bump in the lips, gums and tongue that are filled with white pus, then you may have an oral infection like oral herpes.

What Causes Clear Bumps In The Lips And Mouth

A mucocele is just a blocked tissue in the lip. It will go away on its own. However, if you have recurrent bumps in the lips which become inflamed and painful, you may need to consult a doctor.

Other Symptoms of Bumps Inside The Lips

Clear transparent bump in the lips

Painful bump in the lips

Bumps on the lip from accidental biting

Lip bumps with pus inside

Burning sensation bump in the lips

What Causes Lip Bump With Pus?

If the lip bump has a pus, you may have canker sores or even oral herpes. This is due to the infection if microorganisms in the mouth tissue. If you have this symptom and the bumps are bleeding, you need to apply anti herpes creams for the mouth. You should also consult a doctor first to identify the right cream that you can use.

Doctor For Lip Bumps

You may first have a check up with an internal medicine doctor or a GP. But a dentist could also help you with any bump concerns in the mouth, tongue, soft palate and gums.

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