What Are The Benefits Of Diamond Peel

Diamond peel has  been offered by many skin clinics for several years now. Previously, it was only reserved for patients who have severe facial problems. However, the price of diamond peel has dropped which means more people can afford to get the treatment.

What Is Diamond Peel

Diamond peel is also called microdermabrasion. It is a skin treatment that physically “scratches” the skin in order to reveal new and fresh layer of the skin.The tip of the instrument used is filled with real diamond dust which gives that sandpaper effect on the skin.

The difference of this treatment with other peeling is that you can instantly see results. Since the process is physically peeling the skin, you can see a glow in your skin after just one session.

Is Diamond Peel Painful?

The pain involved with diamond peel is very minimal and tolerable. It is similar to wiping your face with a rough but soft face towel. Of course, you do not need any types of anesthesia for this treatment.

What is Power Peel Treatment?

When To Use Diamond Peel

The benefits of diamond peel include having brighter skin, fairer complexion, less visible pimple marks, tightening of the pores, reducing pimple holes and deep facial scars. The treatment is offered to people with:

Side Effects Of Diamond Peel

Diamond peel may be too stingy for people with sensitive skin. Some may also get redness for up to 24 hours. But all these side effects are minimal and even not noticeable at all. You can go to work or school after a session.

Things To Avoid

Diamond Peel For Men

Is diamond peel available for men? The treatment is available to everyone. The same procedure is done for both men and women. In fact, many males are enjoying the benefits of diamond peel apart from using facial wash for men.

How Much Is Diamond Peel Treatment

Diamond peel price in the Philippines usually range from P1000 to P3000 or $25 per session, depending on the clinic where you want to get the treatment from.

How Many Times Should I have Diamond Peel

For the initial treatment, it is recommended that you do it once a week. When you have noticed the results to be improving, you may do it at least twice a month, depending on your budget.

Skin Clinics With Diamond Peel

Most skin clinics and dermatology centers already have facilities for diamond peel. You simply need to inquire about their price offers and promotions.

However, we recommend that you only undergo this treatment if the clinic is well known, has a good reputation and is supported by licensed dermatologists. There has been some complaints about diamond peel being performed by untrained people in some skin clinics, resulting to more pimples and skin rashes.

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