Tightness In Cheek Bones With Numb Pain

People who experience facial sensation related to tightness may have an underlying health condition. This happens when there are nerves in the cheek that were affected by a certain disease. However, numbness in the cheeks with tightness could also mean problems with general health.

Symptoms of Cheek Tightness and Numbness

There are different variations of numbness in the cheek bones bu usually, they are just symptoms of an underlying condition:

Tightness in both cheeks

Causes of Tightness in the Cheeks

The sensation may be due to a nerve condition that is not yet diagnosed. If you have other problems related to vision and headache, you should consult a doctor since it may be caused by nerve or brain diseases.

On the other hand, stress could also lead to cheek tightness and numbing. This happens when there are disruptions in the natural chemicals of the body.

Another possible cause of cheek tightening could be an infection in the face that affects the nerves. Look for other symptoms that may lead to such condition.

What Doctor To See

You may need to first check with a family medicine or a GP in order to find out what’s happening to your cheeks. On the other hand, a neurologist may also help in diagnosing the problems.

If you have other symptoms like facial numbness, facial drooping, lock jaw, severe headache and loss of balance, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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