Sudden Waking Up From Snoring

Many people experience sudden waking up when snoring. This is a clear sign of sleep apnea which is accompanied with heavy snoring. A person who wakes up at night while feeling choking and difficulty in breathing may be suffering from sleep apnea. Therefore, it is best to know the cause of this condition before it turns into a disease. Heavy snoring and sleep apnea are both signs of sleep problem conditions.

What is Sleep Apnea?

This is a condition when the airway is blocked during sleep. Apart from snoring, apnea can also affect the body of the person. It may increase risks for heart attack and stroke. A result of sleep apnea is sudden waking up as the body tries to dislodge the tissues in the throat to allow air to come in. The waking up phase is the brain’s command to let you know that you have breathing obstruction.

Most of the time, snoring and sleep apnea are present when you sleep. After heavy snoring, the tissues in the throat as well as the tongue may block the airway, causing you to be awaken. There is also a symptom of coughing when waking up during sleep.

Treatment For Sleep Apnea and Snoring

If these conditions persist for a long time, one needs to consult a sleep expert doctor. He may prescribe some muscle relaxant medicines. On the other hand, he may also recommend CPAP machines or even sleep therapies to help you sleep better at night.

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