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anti snoring doctorsHave you ever wondered if there is a doctor for snoring? For sure, you have been looking for the best snoring doctors in your local area. However, did you know that no single specialist can treat snoring as a medical condition? Usually, snoring is a result of another health problem. People will ask, how do I stop snoring or what snoring products should I use?

Technically, you can find answers for these questions but you cannot find an answer to “What doctor specializes in snoring?” Therefore, let us give you some ideas on how to treat snoring by identifying the physician that can help you.

What is snoring?

Snoring is a breathing condition that results from restricted airway for breathing. Your nose, throat and sometimes ears can all cause snoring, if there is indeed a condition involved. Snoring happens when the muscles in your mouth, nasal cavity and throat vibrate.

What causes snoring at night? Good question. Basically, there are several reasons for snoring and one is not the same as the other. Let us give you a summary of snoring causes.

Heartburn or Acid Reflux Causes Snoring

Believe it or not, acid in your stomach can actually cause heartburn which will induce snoring. When the acid comes up to your throat, it will become irritated and swollen. In this manner, the tissues will become irritated as well, which will cause snoring. Therefore, if you have other symptoms of an upset stomach and a painful throat, you should consult a gastroenterologist. He may recommend an antacid medicine which will control throat irritation. Therefore,  you snoring will be reduced or eliminated. This is one of the many snoring doctors that you can consult.

Obesity and Overweight can result to Snoring

A doctor for snoring in this situation can be a gastroenterologist, diabetic doctor or a dietician. Remember that we are not addressing snoring as it is but the possible cause of it. Therefore, these doctors and physicians can help you reduce your weight to prevent snoring. Did you know that obese people snore at night without them knowing it? As additional fatty tissues build up in the throat and nasal cavities, snoring will become more frequent.

Snoring due to throat and ear infections

An ear, throat and nose infection can lead to snoring. When there is swelling in any of the mentioned areas, there is a chance that you will have difficulty in taking air while you are sleeping. Therefore, if you have other symptoms like painful throat or ears, you may consult an ears, nose and throat doctor or ENT. He will advise you to take antibiotics to reduce the inflammation in the tissues inside. Therefore, you can get better night sleeps.

snoring doctorsAlcoholism results to snoring

If you are an alcoholic, you have higher chances of experiencing snoring at night. In order to stop this breathing disorder, you need to reduce or avoid alcohol intake. Some products that induce snoring are wine and alcohol. Of course, a professional may be able to help you to control alcoholism. Only this way you can reduce your chances of getting chronic snoring at night.

Doctors for snoring is not to be found since there are no physicians for snoring that can actually help you. Rather, known specialists can help you manage the very source of your snores. So What doctors to consult for snoring? List your symptoms first and then follow our tips above.

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