Scary Causes of Burning Penis Sensation – Penis Shaft Feels Like Burning

A person who experiences burning penis sensation is most likely suffering from an infection of STD. Most people who are sexually active and with multiple partners may acquire STDs that can cause burning sensation in the penis head. This condition needs prompt treatment to prevent it from worsening. A consultation with a doctor or a urologist is the best way to treat penis shaft burning sensation.

Symptoms of Burning Penis

Burning head of the penis

Hot sensation in penis head

Burning penis shaft

Pain and burning hot penis

Burning feeling in penis shaft

Numbness in the penis head

Pain in penis head when touching

Painful urination with burning sensation

What Causes Burning Penis

The penile burning sensation is caused by an infection that comes from STD. According to research, they may include any of the following:

Genital warts





Is Burning Penis Sensation a Sign of HIV?

Infections of HIV may have a different symptoms and usually they do not include penis burning. However, it is best to have yourself tested if you are sexually active to know your HIV status.

Treatment for Burning Penis Shaft and Head

Antibiotics will be the first line of defense for penis infections of the mentioned diseases. However, you should not self diagnose and it is important to consult a doctor right away.

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