Remedy For Neuropathy Numbness In The Wrist And Hands

The hands and wrist areas are some of the most utilized parts of the body. You use your hands to slice vegetables, lift heavy objects or typing on a computer keyboard. It is not surprising that some people may feel neuropathy in the wrist and hands areas. This is due to the irritation in the nerves in the wrist that are usually leading to carpal tunnel syndrome.

What Are The Symptoms of Hand Neuropathy?

Neuropathy in the hands usually involve numbness, tingling sensation and pain. You may feel these symptoms in the wrist areas leading to the palm and then the fingers.

Some people feel burning pain in the palm of the hands or numbness. Numbness is an indicator that the nerves in the wrist are irritated due to neuropathy.

Remedies for Wrist and Hand Neuropathy

If you frequently use your hands on a daily basis, try to give them some rest. You may need to reposition your hands when you type on a keyboard or support your wrist with a wrist band if you always lift heavy objects.

You may also want to have your symptoms checked if the pain lasts for more than a week. Numbness in the wrist and hands may also be due to other health conditions aside from carpal tunnel syndrome. It is best to have them checked by a doctor.

Is Neuropathy Curable?

Neuropathy is not a disease but a sign of an underlying problem. If you always have numbness in different body parts, you should have it checked. The most common treatment for neuropathy are massages, physical therapy and taking Vitamin B complex for nerve repair.

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