Pain Under The Tongue When Eating And Drinking

Some people may get that pain under the side of the tongue even after eating and drinking. Usually, this is due to a trauma after chewing foods that may have hard edges. In most cases, the pain will just fade away in a few days. However, some individuals may have that wound under the tongue that needs t be checked by a doctor.

What Causes Pain Under the Side of the Tongue

One of the possible causes of pain underside of the tongue is food trauma. When you are eating, there could be a hard food item that has been touching the underside of the tongue, causing it to have injuries.

On the other hand, it could be due to night grinding. When you wake up in the morning having a sore and painful underside tongue, it could be due to bruxism while you were sleeping.

How To Cure Pain Under Tongue

Usually, the pain will subside in a few days. However, you need to have a check up with the doctor if you see some wounds or torn tissues under the tongue. This could lead to infections and possible complications if left untreated.

Mouthwash for pain under the tongue may help since it has antiseptic properties. However, one should also be careful not to sue strong mouthwash that may lead to sensitivity in the tongue taste buds.

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