Over The Counter Snoring Medicines – OTC Medicines For Snoring

Is there an over the counter remedy for snoring? While it is possible to find a snoring supplement from pharmacies, they are not usually for a long term solution. OTC medicines for snoring are in the form of supplements. This is due to the fact that snoring is a condition that require treatment and not cure. While there are stores where you can buy a snoring chin strap, masks and devices, you can first try a snoring drug in the form of vitamins or supplements.

What is the Best Anti-Snoring OTC medicine?

Supplements that are used to treat insomnia are good for snoring. Most of the time, sleep herbal supplements have relaxing substances which are organic and safe. One example of a substance is Chamomile. Chamomile is good for sleeping because it tends to give you a more relaxed state.

When you are relaxed, there is a higher chance that you won’t snore because sometimes, snoring is related to stress. Take care however in using herbal supplements for snoring as you may be allergic to some components. Make sure to ask a pharmacist if it is safe for you.

OTC Snoring Devices

Some anti-snoring products are not in the form of oral medicines. You can but a strap or a mask to help you prevent snoring at night. A chin strap for example is used to control the breathing of a person and limit mouth activity, promoting more nasal breathing.

On the other hand, a mask may be attached to a CPAP machine which can blow pressure to the air passages. The usual causes of snoring is when your tongue goes down to your throat or when your soft palate and uvula blocks the airway.

Prescription Drug for Snoring

If you are going to visit a doctor that specializes in snoring, he may give you a supplement or drug to relax your air passage when sleeping. There are also nasal and throat sprays for snoring that only doctors can recommend. It is best that you undergo first a sleep test so he can evaluate the best snoring treatment for you.

Long Term Cure for Snoring

Is there such a thing as long term solution to snoring? It is possible only if you will undergo snoring surgery. Some doctors recommend it as long as the health benefits outweigh the risks. Not all snoring patients are qualified for an anti-snoring surgery. There are many factors to consider like age, sex, medical condition and other health risks.

On the other hand, changing lifestyle can greatly contribute to the successful treatment of snoring. Some tips to reduce snoring at night include:

If you can’t find an over the counter medicine for snoring, you need to consult a sleep doctor expert and try other oral medications to help you manage your snores.


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