Oracare Mouthwash For Bad Breath And Singaw

People who get bad breath are ashamed to talk to other individuals. However, there is a good mouthwash without alcohol by the name of Oracare. Oracare mouthwash is safe and effective in removing bad breath form the mouth. Sure there are some other brands in the market but usually they are full of alcohol to mask the bad odor.

How to Use Oracare Mouthwash

Oracare mouthwash is the same as any other products that you can buy in the market. Simply use it directly using the measuring cup. However, you can also have it diluted in water for more contents when you do mouth washing.

How Much is Oracare Mouthwash

Oracare can be purchased from Mercury Drug, Watson and other known pharmacies. The price of Oracare is different from each store but you can expect it to be affordable.

Can I Use Oracare for Singaw or Mouth sores?

Apparently, singaw is due to an infection in the mouth and Oracare is not intended to cure this condition. You need to consult a doctor for this one.

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