Numbness Of The Lower Lip Causes – Treatment For Frequent Lip Numbness

It is possible to experience numbness in the lower lip especially if one has an underlying health condition. Numbness in any body part may be due to nerve problems or even stress. However, one should consult with a specialist to know the real cause of lower lip numbing.

What Causes Numb Lower Lip?

Some of the possible causes of lower lip numbing may include but not limited to the following:

If you experience numbness in the lower lip, try to find other symptoms so that the doctor will be able to give you proper diagnosis.

Usually, numbness may also be accompanied by:

Treatment for Lower Lip Numbing

You may be advised to get a blood chemistry test to see if you are diabetic. The doctor may also advise you to reduce your stress. There are other treatment options available once the diagnosis has been made.

Foods For Lower Lip Numbness

There are some foods rich in Vitamin B complex that may reduce numbness due to nerve damage. You may consult with a pharmacist or doctor to know more about these vitamins.

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