Neurogen E Capsule For Hand Pain And Numbness

Some people who experience pain in the hands with numbness may take vitamin B complex for nerve regeneration and repair. This is recommended by most doctors especially if the cause of numb feeling pertains to insufficient vitamins in the body. Neurogen E is a commercially available supplement to help in nerve repair.

What is Neurogen E

It is an over the counter supplement that contains Vitamin B1, B6 and B12. You can but this from most drug stores like Mercury Drug, Watsons and other outlets.

How to Take Neurogen E

You may ask the pharmacist about this. Usually, supplements can be taken once a day.

Side Effects of Neurogen E

Side effects are usually not that severe when it comes to vitamins because they are just supplements. You may stop taking this however if you have severe side effects.

How Much Is Neurogen E

Some drug stores may offer neurogen e up to more than P10. But you can get cheaper rates from known drug store outlets.

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