How To Treat Neuropathy In Feet?

Neuropathy is a sign that there is a nerve signal disruption somewhere in your body. Usually, this symptom will come suddenly as a result of an underlying health problem. In some cases, neuropathy can be felt in the feet and toes.

How To Treat Neuropathy in Feet and Toes?

There are some conditions that may lead to neuropathy or numbness in the toes and feet. They are usually related to a pinched nerve in the upper lumbar areas.

If you have herniated disc, there is a higher chance that you have neuropathy in the legs, thighs and feet.

What is the Best Remedy For Neuropathy In Feet?

It is best to consult with your doctor to identify the problem source. A herniated disc in the lumbar area can cause sudden numbness in the lower extremities.

On the other hand, treatment may be recommended in any of the following ways:

How To Cure Neuropathy in the Feet For Older People?

Older people should be more careful in doing extraneous exercises. A doctor for the bones and muscles such as an Orthopedic surgeon may recommend different approaches to solve neuropathy in the legs and feet. On the other hand, a neurologist may also give an advice on how to treat numbness in the feet and toes.

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