How To Make Yellow Teeth White Again – Causes Of Yellowish Teeth

It can be embarrassing to have yellowish teeth instead of having them white or pearly white. Usually, teeth that are yellow in color can be attributed to the lifestyle of the person. However, there are some people who were born with yellowish teeth. If you are finding an answer on how to make yellow teeth white again, this post is the right source of info for you.

Why Do I Have Yellowish Teeth?

What causes yellow teeth? Yellowish teeth is a result of fading enamel in the teeth. However, there are lifestyle activities and foods that can cause yellowish teeth. Here are some examples:

How To Make Teeth Whiter From Yellow Color

You may have them polished again b y a dentist. There are cosmetic dentistry processes that can whiten the teeth. You may also try to use whitening toothpaste that can fade the yellow coating in the teeth, revealing the white color of your teeth.

Laser Teeth Whitening

You can also find a dentist who offers laser teeth whitening. The effects are usually longer than using toothpastes and other creams. However, there are also permanent teeth whitening pastes that you can ask your dentist.

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