How To Cure Loose Bowel Movement or LBM

Loose bowel movement or LBM arises from an irritation in the stomach. Usually, you will feel different symptoms related to LBM as the stomach tries to regulate its movement. If you have loose bowel for several days now, you should find a cure for LBM today. Aside from the discomfort, the common side effects of complications of loose bowel movement is dehydration.

Symptoms of Loose Bowel Movement

You may have to go to the bathroom more than once in a day

You will feel grumbling sensation inside the stomach

Loose and watery stool

Always farting or always passing out gas

Mild to severe pain in the stomach

Feels like vomiting

Feeling weak due to fluid loss

How To Cure LBM At Home

Diarrhea or LBM can be cured if you will simply take LBM medicines over the counter. There are many available brands which contain Loperamide as the generic name. In the past, Attapulgite was used by pharmaceutical companies.

Aside from taking medicines for loose bowel movement, you should also replenish lost fluids in the body. Always drink plenty of water or liquids like Pocari Sweat, Gatorade or use oral rehydration salts.

It is also best that you avoid foods that are hard to digest like fatty foods, dairy products of heavy red meats. Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables too. Take a lot of fiber rich foods or supplements for LBM like Erceflora or Yogurt with live lactobacillus.

Doctor For Loose Bowel Movement

You may consult a gastroenterologist for any symptoms that you have in the digestive areas. The doctor will evaluate your condition based on the symptoms that you provide related to your LBM.

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