How To Cure An An – Tinea Versicolor Cure Medicines

How to cure anan or an-an is one of the most common problems of many young and adult people. However, you can easily find a cure for tinea versicolor which is the common scientific name for an an. There are soaps and creams for an-an that you can use to kill the fungus that causes your tinea versicolor. You need to first wash the area and then apply these creams or soaps in order to reduce the extent of your an-an.

Soaps for An An

You can use the soaps for an an if you are going to buy an anti fungal soap. They are usually effective in eliminating your anan. However, some soaps need to be recommended by a doctor first. For example, a tar soap may be used. On the other hand, anything that has Selenium Sulfide may work for an-an. You can for example use Selsun Blue for Tinea Versicolor. However, it is wise to first consult with a doctor.

Medicines for An-An are not that necessary unless you have a very severe condition. You should ask a dermatologist about medicines for an an  before taking them. This will ensure your safety and will be able to treat your condition.


Whites patches on the cheeks

White or brown patches in the butt cheeks

White or brown patches in the back or chest

Patches of pink or brown spots in the hands

You may now treat your an an with over the counter creams and soaps from drug stores. Have a check up with your dermatologist for proper diagnosis.

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