How To Cure Alipunga At Home – Foot Powder For Alipunga or Athlete’s Foot

Having athlete’s foot or alipunga could be embarrassing. This is a condition wherein the feet have patches of inflamed red parts due to fungal infection. Alipunga may  be treated with anti fungal soaps and creams. There are also alipunga foot powder available in most health shops and pharmacies.

How To Cure Alipunga

Alipunga is caused by a certain kind of fungus. One can simply find a cream that will help fight off the fungal infection. One example would be Canesten cream which is available in many drug stores.

There are also home remedies for alipunga. You can soak the feet in warm water then use anti fungal soaps for the infection to clear out. Some people may try vinegar or baking soda or even anti dandruff shampoos. But make sure to visit a doctor if the infection worsens and spreads.

Athlete’s Foot In Men and Women

The same strains are found in most infections of athlete’s foot. Therefore, men and women can get it no matter what the lifestyle background is. If one wishes to stay away from alipunga, it is best to keep the feet clean and dry.

Make sure to wash your socks and other footwear thoroughly when they are exposed to too much dirt and sweating.

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