How To Cure Acidic Stomach Or Hyperacidity

Hyperacidity can cause you to always burp and have that movement sensation in the stomach. Usually, people who experience high acid in the stomach will experience stabbing pain or warm pain inside the stomach. The burning sensation inside the stomach is due to excess acid.

Symptoms of Hyperacidity

An acidic stomach usually involves burning pain inside. But here are the other symptoms of high acid content in the tummy:

Burning pain inside the stomach

Feels like vomiting

Bubbles inside the tummy

Movement or spasm inside the stomach

Pain in the chest, stomach and back areas

Bloated or gassy feeling inside the stomach

How To Cure Acidic Stomach

Hyperacidity can be treated with the use of over the counter medicines. For example, you can get antacids that will give instant relief for your acidic tummy. Here is a list of hyperacidity medicines that you can buy over the counter:

What Causes Acidic Stomach

The causes of hyperacidity are extreme stress, indigestion, bacterial or fungal infections, skipping meals or excessive depression and anxiety.

Doctors For Hyperacidity

You may consult a doctor for acidic stomach by the name of gastroenterologist. Such a professional is an expert in digestive system problems. You may want to know the foods to avoid for acidic stomach like chocolates, softdrinks, coffee, spicy and sour foods.

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