Find A Good TMJ Clinic in California – TMJ Therapy In California

TMJ affects millions of people around the world. While there are some mild cases, some severe ones may prompt a person to seek dental health check up. TMJ affects both men and women and at any age. If you are looking for a dental clinic with TMJ treatment in California, you should first check the services in your area.

What TMJ Treatments Are Available in California?

There are a few therapy and treatment options for TMJ. The following may help you reduce the pain:

Jaw exercises for TMJ symptoms

Wearing of dental splint for TMJ

Reduction of food intake that aggravates the pain

Medication for TMJ pain which may include Mefenamic Acid (a doctor should prescribe this)

How Much Is TMJ Treatment in California?

There are several clinics in California for TMJ treatment. Each one of them may offer different prices. You need to know first if you can be covered by health insurance for TMJ treatment. Ask the doctor if they can offer installment payment plans for your therapy sessions.

Symptoms of TMJ Pain

Jaw pain when opening the mouth

Electric pain beside the ears when opening the mouth

Electric shock pain in the lips, cheeks and chin

Pain that runs through the face and shoulders

One sided headache without migraine

You need to consult a dental expert to diagnose your TMJ pain.

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