Feels Like Trembling Shaking Inside The Body

Have you experienced having trembling inside the body but not trembling visually? There are certain health conditions that may lead to this symptom. One of which is GAD or generalized anxiety disorder, OCD or even stress and fatigue.

What Causes Shaking Inside The Body

The feeling of shaking inside the body and unsteady inside the body could be attributed to anxiety attacks. Many people who experience trembling or imbalance inside the body are having symptoms of anxiety attacks. This may be also be called panic attacks which usually have different types of symptoms that are scary.

Symptoms of GAD or Anxiety Attacks

Feels like imbalance inside the body

Feels likes falling

Feels like going to pass out

Feels like fainting

Sensation of perceived weakness in legs

Trembling inside the body

How To Cure Shaking Inside The Body

It is very important to have a positive attitude to treat anxiety attacks. One of the primary reasons would be Health Anxiety which involves overly concerned and worried about one’s health. There are other symptoms of anxiety attacks including but not limited to:

What Doctor To Consult for Anxiety?

A psychiatrist will be able to help you with your anxiety. But you can also do relaxing stress free activities that will help you recover.

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