Electric Pain In The Face – What Causes Facial Stinging And Numbness?

It is quite scary to experience sudden electric pain on the face. Most people will say that they felt stabbing pain or even numbness that suddenly comes and goes. Usually, there are nerve conditions associated with electric sensation on the face that needs to be addressed. In order to diagnose the problem, one should also take note of the other symptoms associated with such condition.

What Causes Electric Pain On The Face?

Facial pain can be felt in terms of electric numbness, tingling sensation, stabbing and poking pain or even warm sensation on the face. One possible cause could be nerve damage. If you have a nerve condition that is not yet diagnosed, you should consult a doctor.

Another possible cause of numbness and tingling on the face could be diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes increases the amount of sugar in the blood. This makes the nerves become irritated and disrupted, causing electric shock pain on the face especially in the forehead, cheeks and lips areas.

Stress is also a possible cause of facial pain with tingling and burning sensation. This could happen in the upper lip, the cheeks and even the eyelids. One should reduce the stress in his life in order to prevent electric facial pain from happening.

How Do I Treat Facial Pain?

Treating the pain in the face is equivalent to identifying the source of pain. If you think you have any of the conditions mentioned here, you should consult a doctor to have a proper diagnosis. The treatment options for diabetes are medication and good lifestyle. For nerve diseases, certain medical procedures will be performed for you.

Is Facial Pain Deadly?

Having numbness in the face is not fatal. However, the underlying cause of the symptom may be life threatening when left untreated. Therefore, if you have other symptoms like chronic facial numbness, pain in the head, severe headaches, loss of balance, whole body numbness, blurred vision and loss of coordination, then you should rush to the emergency room.

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