Dizzy Feeling Without Spinning Sensation in Vision

Some people may get the dizzy sensation without spinning vision. While there are so many possible causes of this symptom, one of them could be TMJ syndrome. People who do not have the spinning sensation in the vision but with imbalance sensation could be suffering from a dental problem called Temporo Mandibular Joint syndrome.

What Causes Dizzy Feeling Without Spinning?

The unsteady balance sensation could be pointed to a problem in the TMJ. This joint may affect different body parts and could cause symptoms that can be scary and concerning. Some of the most common symptoms that are left unchecked are:

Doctors to Consult

You may consult a doctor to rule out any possible diseases or health concerns. Once the diagnosis has been made, you can start treatment. However, if the symptoms point to possible TMJ syndrome, then a dentist could help you manage your symptoms. There are treatment options that include wearing a dental splint and therapy.

Diseases Associated With Dizziness and Imbalance

Some people who have this symptom may turn out to be suffering from other diseases. The may include vertigo, migraine, brain tumor, anxiety and even stroke. However, do not assume that you have any of these diseases just because you have dizzy sensation. Always consult with a doctor for any health problems that concerns you.

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