Cramping Pain In The Knees and Thigh Sides

There are some people who may experience cramp like pain above the knee and sides of the thighs. These are classic symptoms of possible herniated disc. It is therefore important to get proper diagnosis in order to find the best treatment option.

Cramping Pain in Knee When Walking

Having a cramp like pain in the top of the knee when walking is a sign if herniated disc. However, there are other conditions that may relate to it such as arthritis or injury.

What Causes Pain in the Upper Knee

It could be due to nerve irritation in the lumbar area if you have herniated disc. But arthritis is also a possible condition that may lead to cramps above the knee.

How To Treat Cramping Pain When Walking

You need to first get proper diagnosis for the pain in the upper knee. This way, treatment options may be given to you. Some of the most common treatment options include medication, physical therapy, exercises and in rare cases surgery.

An orthopedic surgeon is the most credible source of info when it comes to treating herniated disc. But you also need to consult with a neurosurgeon if the pain persists for more than a week.

Symptoms of Cramping Pain

Pain cramps in the knee when walking

Pain in the sides of the thighs when walking

Pulling pain in the thighs when walking

Take note that just because you have these symptoms means you have herniated disc. Make sure to consult with a doctor to know your real condition.

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