Common Causes of Frequent Snoring At Night

how to stop snoringSnoring can actually damage your relationship with a partner. If you keep on snoring at night, your wife or husband may get irritated and may therefore become too anxious to sleep with you again. Before you can prevent this from happening, it would be a good idea to know the common causes of frequent snoring at night. What makes a person snore?

Alcohol intake results to snoring

Alcohol and other substance that contain or induces muscle relaxant can become a source of snoring. The alcohol can make the throat muscle and uvula relaxed which leads to blockage of the airway. When you lie on a bed and breathe, this relaxed muscle portion becomes a flap that vibrates, thus causing snores.

Obesity and Being Overweight can also cause snores

When you are overweight, chances are you have excess layers of fatty tissues in the air passages. This excess tissue will narrow the airway when you breathe. Therefore, a narrower air passage could lead to restricted breathing. You will snore when this happens.

Stress and Snoring

Stress and Fatigue are also causes of snoring when sleeping. Stress can make your whole body tensed up even when sleeping. This reaction then also leads to narrower air passage. As we have mentioned before, a narrow breathing space results to snoring.

Sinus Blockage and Nasal Congestion

If you have colds or sinus inflammation, you may experience snoring. This restricted condition of inhaling and exhaling air will make way for vibrations in the nasal cavity. A narrow or congested nasal area will actually lead to forceful snoring at night according to Medicinenet.

Is there a medical cure for snoring? Medical treatment for snoring are only available for those with sleep apnea. Snoring and sleep apnea are dangerous combinations of sleep disorder. However, if you have mild snoring symptoms, you can use any home made remedies like snoring mouth appliance or snoring chin straps.

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