Causes Of Stabbing Ear Pain When Swallowing

An ear pain may be due to infection in the inner parts of the throat and mouth. Some people who experience pain in the ears may associate it with swallowing saliva, drinking water or swallowing foods. In this case, it is important to know what causes pain inside the ears when swallowing.

What Causes Swallowing Ear Pain?

One possible cause of pain in the ears when swallowing is an infection. It can be due to bacteria which may affect inside the throat. This could lead to pain in the ears when swallowing water or saliva.

In another case, a pain in the ear when swallowing food may be due to an injury inside the ears. There is a connecting tube from the ears to the throat that may radiate the pain inside the throat as well.

Symptoms of Ear Pain When Swallowing

You may experience any of the following:

Remedy for Swallowing Ear Pain

The doctor may prescribe an antibiotic that will help reduce the inflammation inside the ears. It is possible that he will give you a spray or other medicines that will reduce the inflammation.

An ear doctor will be able to help you with this condition. Just remember to follow instructions on how to take your medicines.

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