What Causes Cheek Bone Pain And Tingling Sensation

Having facial pain can be disturbing especially if it involves tingling sensation and numbness. In most cases, the cheek bone pain is simply one of the many symptoms that are caused by trigeminal neuralgia. Here, we will give you some info on what trigeminal neuralgia is and how you can treat cheek bone pain.

What Are The Symptoms Of Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Factors Resulting To Cheek Pain

Diseases Related To Cheek Pain

Aside from trigeminal neuralgia, there may be some other causes of cheek pain:

How To Treat Cheek Pain

If the pain is due to trigeminal neuralgia, medication may be needed if the doctor prescribes it. One common drug used for this condition is Tegretol which is usually used as an anti-seizure drug. Some anti-depressant drugs also work well.

If the pain is so severe and none of the medication is effective, then neurosurgery may be recommended by a doctor. (References: WebMD)

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