Can Anxiety Lead To Vibrating Sensation Under The Skin

Some people may get that feeling of vibration under the skin. This sensation can be felt under the skin in different body parts like the arms, feet, hands and legs. In most cases, the condition is benign but some conditions may also be attributed to such problem.

What Causes Vibrating and Buzzing Sensation Under The Skin?

If you have vibrating feeling under the skin in the extremities, chances are you have a pinched or damaged nerve. This can happen especially if you had an infection or  you were subject to physical trauma.

Symptoms of Buzzing Feeling in the Skin Arms and Legs

There are different sensation that may relate to vibrating feeling in the skin.

Buzzing sensation in the underside of the arm

Buzzing and vibrating feeling in the legs

Buzzing sensation in the thighs

Vibration feeling in the toes and feet

Buzzing sensation and twitching in the cheeks

How to Treat Buzzing and Vibrating Sensation in the Skin?

It is best to first consult a neurologist to find out any nerve damage. However, most of these conditions may simply be benign which do not need any treatments. They may come and go for a few weeks or even months and will not need any medications. Some possible causes are:

Excessive caffeine intake

Anxiety disorders

Stress and Fatigue

However, there are some conditions that may be considered serious enough to warrant a doctor’s visit. Diseases in the nerves and the brain as well as those that relate to muscles may also lead to buzzing sensation in the arms and legs.

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