Breathing Pause When Sleeping

snoring picturesWhat causes breathing pauses while sleeping? Pauses in breathing during sleep is a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea happens to a lot of people especially those who are at risk of it. It can be treated but knowing the real cause of sleep apnea is more important. Usually, sleep apnea is not dangerous when treated properly. However, sleep apnea is fatal if other complications will arise.

Why Do I Pause Breathing?

During sleep, you may pause breathing because of blockage in the throat or airway. This happens to people with sleep apnea. There is a gap in breathing during sleep because the airway is not clear. Therefore, the body will force the air through with a cough or choking.

What Causes Pause in Breathing While Sleeping?

One of the main cause of sleep apnea is tissue blockage. This happens when the tissues in the throat and soft palate are loose. It can happen when someone drinks alcohol like beer. So the question “does beer cause sleep apnea?” or “does alcohol cause sleep apnea?” is answered clearly. Alcohol can result to sleep apnea according to studies.

Another possible cause of sleep apnea is improper sleeping position. If you usually lie on your back and you have a heavy built, for example big tummy, you are at risk of sleep apnea. The neck and the throat are bent when you sleep which limits the air flow when you breathe. Moreover, the tongue may simply drop down the airway causing blockage. This also leads to sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Natural Treatment

There are some natural ways to treat apnea. One of course is to refrain from drinking alcohol. This will also help you lessen your beer belly. Another is to reposition yourself when sleeping. If you could lie on your back, the better.

There are also some sleep apnea machines that you can get. They are usually called CPAP for sleep apnea. Some cheap CPAP machines are available online. These devices blow air to your throat while sleeping so that you will not have pauses in breathing. It will also help you reduce snoring at night. You must consult a doctor first if this device could work for you.

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